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Pokemon Purple is, in a nutshell, a complete re-imagining of Pokemon Red and Blue version, featuring crossover from the Neon Genesis Evangelion universe.

It will feature all 151 original Generation 1 Pokemon, as well as any evolutionary forms of the original 151 that were introduced in Generation 2. It will also have some entirely new Pokemon based on the Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The game will take place in a heavily modified version of the Kanto region, and will also have gameplay mechanics that have been significantly reworked. The basic overall goals of the game is the same though: Catch Pokemon, beat the Gym Leaders and defeat the Elite Four.

Speaking of Gym Leaders, here they are:

Ryoji Kaji

Asuka Langley Soryu

Lieutenant Shigeru Aoba

Mari Makinami

Toji Suzuhara

Rei Ayanami

Gendo Ikari

Kozo Fuyutsuki

And here's the Elite Four:

Naoko Akagi

Keel Lorenz

Pen Pen

Misato Katsuragi

And last but not least, the rival, Kaworu Nagisa:


The screenshots above are not necessarily representative of what the final project will look like. Some things might end up looking very different by the time the game is complete. For instance, I've decided I'll be switching to a "widescreen" 300x180 resolution instead of the standard GBA resolution. I'm aiming for a December 4 release, but that might be a bit ambitious, so don't be surprised if setbacks end up pushing the date back to sometime in 2013. And being that I'm an adult with a full-time military obligation, and with some particularly hectic stuff going on in and around December for me, it'll probably be released mid/late 2013 if it does end up getting pushed back past Dec. 4.

Here's a mockup of what the battle screen will generally look like:

This project is being developed by me, myself and I. But here's the credits for the people/sites whose sprite/tileset rips I've benefitted from:

A.J. Nitro
Sam Webster
Pokemon Elite 2000

And the person responsible the awesome Evangelion Unit 01 image featured on the splash screen:
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