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Very sorry guys, My internets been down for the past month (Comcast screw you ) Coming back after a month, I had hoped to have enough applications to get at least 8 leaders but eh win some lose some. Id be happy to battle all of you. (This weekend would be the best!) Also, If anyone sees this and wants to apply but sees that im offline, (Is there a rule against posting info such as mobile #'s?) text me at 765-591-2749. Just fill out the application in a text and send it. Also texting could be a great way to pass along info such as challenges and the outcome of battles. So yeah, once again very sorry for not being on, but just text me or pm me when Im on. Also can you please inform me of your timezone when yo apply, That helps me sort out times and dates.


Ok weve got One leader now. Le Dragon is the water type gym leader, with quite a few tricks I will say. We Tied one battle to one, But Both of my wins were pure luck If I do say so myself (He pressed quit on the first battle when I was on my last Poke lol) So yeah one down seven to go!
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