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Originally Posted by The_Show View Post
I expect decent gameplay. By that, I mean that I shouldn't have to GRIND my pokemon 10 levels before moving on. However, it shouldn't be too easy either. Plus I like to see new sprites for people, which gives it originality.

Now, if someone is trying to make a game that everyone will fall in love with, I strongly suggest new tiles, a new world map, and a good storyline. Music could also be added for extra effect
For me, I always make sure the wild pkmn are weaker than you, the trainers are just as strong, and the leaders are always stronger. But if I ever have a time in the game where the player has to grind intensely, I've decided to give them an opportunity to train, like some kind of extra mission where they get something, so it doesn't seem like they're just grinding.

That's the part that leaves me a bit stuck, because my game is a continuation, taking place in the future kanto region, so I'm somewhat limited as far as new maps and region, but I am adding a lot of new features as far as places to go. I am planning another hack of ruby after I finish this FR one, where it'll be completely my own region.
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