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All 8 gyms are complete as far as scripting goes. The rest is graphics. I'm working on the elite four atm.

This is right outside the elite four. I dunno, kinda empty looking. And Ever Grand City looking...

Elite four battles are completed. I just need to use advance text to change the words and then change the tilesets.

Elite Four Challenger Line-up
(You know you wanna look)

0.) Trainer - Party
1.) Ivan - Benusis, Fearow, Pidgeot, Benusis, Arcanine
2.) Maiden - Minun, Arcanine, Munna, Dragonite, Dusclops
3.) Brock - Golem, Gardevoir, Onix, Golbat, Piloswine
4.) Ash - Leavanny, Pikachu, Charizard, Swellow, Sceptile, Noctowl

Champ.) Steven - Latios, Registeel, Argon, Scisor, Anorith, Metagross

Wonder Trade!!!
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