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Quote originally posted by AdrianD:
Multiple Questions:

1. With Ferrothorn Sassy Evs 255/def and sp. def (I thought I was keeping track and somehow I think that happened) I am considering putting Toxic with it. Current moves
Poison Jab
Iron Defense
Power Whip

Should ID or Curse be replace with Toxic or keep as is?

Two. What is the mathematical formula for Ev training with pokerus and +4 ev item?

Ive read (Ev of defeated pkmn + '+4 item') X 2. Is this correct?
Ferrothorn needs some kind of way to set up hazards which is its main purpose. Consider putting Leech Seed or Stealth Rock on the set and it'll be much more effective. Poison Jab is also kinda useless because you don't really have a need to use it, but if you really want you can keep Curse although Protect might be of more use.

Also is what you mean by formula?
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