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The Pokémon World Tournament is going to be a very nice addition to include all of the previous Gym Leaders and Champions we have faced from the past, it would also be very fun for newcomers to see what they have missed out on.
It would also be nice to have the Elite Four members and Battle Facility leaders also making appearences so we have a wider range of characters to defeat.
The one thing that worries me about this Tournament is the message it sends from Game Freak.
Intentonal or not, it tells me that the Hoenn League Leaders are making appearences so they will not be getting a Gen V or Gen VI remake, which would be a shame, especially to me as Ruby was my first ever Pokémon game i owned.

Good evening, my fellow Trainers. This is your leader, Amon. As you've heard, the Elite Four has voted to make me public enemy number one, proving once again that the Gym Leaders of this region will stop at nothing to quash our revolution. But we cannot be stopped. Our numbers grow stronger by the day. You no longer have to live in fear.

The time has come for Gym Leaders to experience fear.