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Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
In terms of disobeying Pokemon, there are 3 Pokemon who have disobeyed their trainers at some point in the anime: Dawn's Mamoswine (after Dawn's Swinub evolved into Piloswine; this continued even after evolving into Mamoswine. Mamoswine started to obey Dawn after she took care of it), Iris' Excadrill (it started to disobey Iris after losing to Drayden's Haxorus; it obeyed Iris again after she trained with it to perfect Focus Blast) and Iris' Dragonite (it was disobedient when Iris used it in battle).
In addition to those, Ash's Pikachu was disobedient as well, as everyone knows. Hasn't his Snorlax been disobedient as well? I am not sure, I think it has though :D In addition to those, I remember Luxray being disobedient as well, in one of the D/P episodes (can't remember which).

And yeah, the move thingie is unsure. In one of the Best Wishes episode I remember Ash explaining some kid the moves his Pikachu has, and he mentioned only four, which suggests that only four moves can be learnt, but yeah many pokemon use more than 4 moves, so its kind of contradictory.

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