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Normal type to take advantage of Ho-Oh's flying-type. Neat on a card, but not particularly advantageous.

Solid 90HP was good back in the day.

Weak to water, strangely, seeing how it isn't a fire card. But whatever. Still has the fighting resistance which makes up for it.

2 retreat cost kinda sucks, but for back then I suppose that wasn't too bad.

Terrible attack. I see this is the basis for Ho-Oh EX, as a lot of newer pokemon have traits in common with older cards. But a fact is that attack sucks now, and it sucked even worse back then. If you could pull it off with Ho-Oh-EX, you have access to 8 types of Basic energy with a base 30 +20 for each type, maxing out at 190 if anyone was THAT terrible to let you pull it off. There was no basic dark or metal back then, so it capped out at 90 damage. So many pokemon could've done better without having to attach 6 different energy to a single pokemon.

That being said, I'm not well-versed with the decks of that time, but I know Feraligatr was good and that would've kicked that card to the curb.

As for the art, I'm not super-fond of the Manga-esque style that it's going for, but it's not bad.

Play: 5/10
Art: 7/10

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