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Awesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeaweosmeawesome, Okay, I'll stop now and instead provide this un-filled out application-form.

NAME: Irwin Macalister, but I mostly go by the name “Irw”.
AGE: 16
BODY: What do I look like? Well, I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty freaking handsomely awesome. Nah, I’m just joking with you. In reality though, I’m what most people would call chubby. I’m not really fat or overweight; I’m just a little bit thicker than most people my age. Some like to say that I’m thick in more than one way, but that’s beside the point. My upper body keeps sort of a stabilized condition if you know what I mean. I mean like, no muffin-top or something, no part of my body is really bigger than the other. I’m basically like a thin person, just wider. Geez, I must sound like such pathetic guy when I say that I’m like everyone else, just a little bigger, as if to assure myself that there’s nothing wrong with me. But I just really suck a describing stuff, so I use what ways I can to make you get the general idea of me.

I’m not really muscular though, sure I’m somewhat strong, but that has more to do with my size than my exercising-schedule, which isn’t non-existent, mind you. I do like to run and stuff, if you are a Pokémon-trainer, you can’t be an uncoordinated slob you know. My arms are wide as are my legs, but that’s pretty freaking obvious isn’t it? My face is somewhat round and pudgy; however it is still square-like. Holy Arceus I suck at this, my face is like a square that is rounded where the cheeks are and then where the chin is. Wait, let me just draw you a picture of my face and strap it onto this form.

As you can see, my eyes are pretty squinty. Why they are like that, I have no clue at all. I probably got them from my father, but I hardly remember that dude. The ways of the genes sure are mysterious, don’t you think? People often say that my ears are too small for my head, and I can agree with them on that. Now that I think about it, my ears are kinda small, aren’t they? Holy smokes those are small! I think that I could like stare at them for hours… Oh wait; I’m not supposed to do that. Moreover, my nose is pretty big I guess, almost like a potato maybe. Yeah, I’m not really bothered by that… Now here’s something pretty cool about me, my hair color. It’s like… flare-red and stuff, it’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Also I have this weird thing with my hair that makes it look like I have a bunch of oil in it even though I don’t. I also have little facial hair, I guess that the fat has absorbed it all haha.

CLOTHING: What am I wearing? Well at the moment, I’m wearing a pair of briefs while filling out this form at home. What? Can’t I fill out a form in whatever clothing I please? I’m sixteen for crying out loud! Besides, you’re not even my parents and- Yeah… I’ll stop ranting now. My usual clothing involves a red T-shirt with a yellow, zig-zaggy stripe going over the stomach á la Kecleon. On the lower part of my body I usually wear a pair of beige, knee-high shorts, simple and clean. People usually say that I have waaaayy too many pockets on those things. I do not see their point. As for shoes I have these pretty unfashionable brown ones that have probably passed their prime for quite some time now. But, they are a prized possession of my old man’s, so I really can’t throw ‘em away.
PERSONALITY: Well, to be honest this part was pretty tricky since I sometimes want to make myself look better in front of other people by toning down, or downright lying about certain traits that I possess. Oh, has that gotten me in several pickles before… So, to keep this view completely unbiased, I asked one of my friends, Dave to write some lines about my personality. And also, if you’re expecting a rap, forget it. I forced him to not do one this time.

‘Kay peeps! I’m here to write some stuff about cornball Mc. Cornycorn. So here we go:

I know this guy that you don’t,
He’s like not really upfront,
About the shizzle he’s bad at,
So I’m here to drop the word ya’ll and-

Okay, that’s it! Disregard that part of the form please. I figured that something like this would happen, so I had asked another friend to write what that d-bag Dave was supposed to write.

Okay, Irwin asked me to do this, so I’m going to be a good citizen and help him out! Erhm. First of all, Irwin is a really sweet and caring person. If you are his friend, you can expect him to stick up for you in almost any situation! Well, except if you need help with eating waffles or catching a bunch of Ekans and/or Arbok. More on that later though. Irwin is also a great listener, if you need to talk about something with someone, then Irwin’s your guy! He likes to listen to people and their stories, whether they’re made up or not. He says that it makes him happy for some reason.

Usually, Irwin has a pretty good personality. He’s mostly in a good mood (the fat ones are always jolly you know) and does almost everything with a smile on his lips. He’s also that jokey type of guy who never really crosses the line and becomes annoying. Well, most of the time at least. Even though he is a guy who likes to joke around a lot, Irwin can be pretty serious when he wants to; I take it that he’s at least gotten through half of this form without writing something that he regards as “totes hilarious brah” or some other stupid hipster/d-bag expression.

But, with good sides also comes bad sides as you’d imagine. As you may have noticed already, Irwin has a tendency to rant about stuff and he can become very offended and uptight if you happen to insult something that he enjoys. If you say that Dubstep sucks, then prepare for some wild, heavy rage. Irwin is also really, really clumsy. Like really clumsy, one time he almost killed an old man by hitting the dude with a PokéBall that was aimed at a Pidgey. He can spontaneously drop anything that he’s holding, doesn’t matter what it is. But that clumsiness is mostly canceled out by his extreme tendency to be lucky, you know that old man who almost got killed by the PokéBall? Well the ball bounced off him and hit the Pidgey square in the chest, catching it immediately. However the Pidgey was later released by accident…

Irwin also has a tendency for sarcasm, I wasn’t quite sure if this was a good or bad thing, but since I mostly get the short end of the stick when he uses it I decided to put it here.

INTERESTS: I enjoy baking stereotypically enough, I don’t know why really… It’s just like… It feels so satisfying when I mix a bunch of stuff together and then it becomes a delicious cake or something like that. I like to listen to music, mostly Dubstep. That music-genre is stupid cool. And no, it is NOT electro; I hate how many times I have to state that! What do I like more? Well, I have a certain love for playing cards. I don’t know why though… Mom always told me that my old man was a real gambler, so I guess that I’ve got some of that in me. I’m hesitant to write down ‘girls’ on this list as I take it that most teenage guys like myself like girls. So I thought that it was a bit obvious…

DISLIKES: Oh, don’t even get me started! If there’s one thing that I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY hate, it’s waffles. Yes, you read right, waffles. I will not stress why though, too many painful memories. Another thing I don’t like is the Ekans-family. They think that they’re so awesome with their purple scales and their yellow eyes and-

Please disregard the rest of the part including Ekans and its evolution; especially disregard the many curses I wrote down as well.

Onto what other things I dislike! I really dislike an over-usage of emoticons when writing stuff online or while texting. Here’s an example:

“O haaaii der guuuuuurrrrlll, kawaaii desudesudesu!!1 :DDDDD :D:D:D:D:DDDD <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!!”

Writing that nearly made me want to kill myself…

HISTORY: Well, I’m not sure if there’s much to tell you here, but I’ll try my best.

It all started a pretty long time ago in the region of Hoenn. There was a man who liked to hang out in the Game Corner of Mauville City, and then there was this woman who liked botany. She was from Fortree City, but decided to visit Mauville in order to find some cool plants. But, something happened there, something she didn’t expect. She fell in love. With whom you may ask? Well, with a local deadbeat who had an issue with gambling. So, the two of them started to date. It was a good time, a peaceful time when the air was filled with love. He loved her and she loved him. They were the perfect couple, they completed each other. Like two parts of a once-broken medallion. But then, one day something that would bring great joy as well as great sorrow happened.

The woman became pregnant.

What would they do now? The man had almost no money; he had gambled it all away. The woman had some, but it wasn’t much and certainly not enough to support a family. What were they going to do? For some time they were in great despair and the man eventually did what he could to turn it all around. He gambled. He gambled with the last amount of money that he had. And for the first time in his career, he actually won. It was no extremely fat profit, but it was big enough to afford them a small house in another region. Why travel to another region? Well, as the man had put it back then, “This will be the perfect opportunity to start things anew”. The woman had agreed with him, and thus they set sail for Cinnabar Island.

All was well and good; the man got a job at the Cinnabar Gym and started earning enough to give the couple a stable economy, and eventually a wedding. Shortly after they were wed, the woman gave birth to the man’s child. It was a boy and he was christened Irwin. However, the happiness didn’t last long after that. In a volcanic eruption, the man was killed. Just like that, in a few seconds. Instead of destroying the woman on the inside, this even taught her that she was only mortal. And thus, she decided to keep going and to make little Irwin grow up to become a man of good.

Little Irwin’s upbringing wasn’t different from any of the other kids’. He was taught what was right and what was wrong. He was taught to respect other people, he was taught to be kind and loving, and he was taught to joke and tell humorous stories, just like his father. Along the way, he was called many names such as “Fatso”, “Chubster” or “Lardmeister”. But the boy never let these words get to him. Instead he continued to be happy, to be happy and kind.

One day however, Irwin received a present from his mother on his thirteenth birthday. To his amazement, it had been a Treecko. At the time, he thought nothing of that it might symbolize something. As he grew older however, he mused that this was to be some kind of part of his Hoennian heritage. Or just for the fact that his mother loved botany. He dubbed the Treecko Gex, a name it was moderately fond of. The two didn’t have the greatest of starts really. Gex never listened to a word Irwin said at first, he just did whatever he damn well pleased.

As some years went by, Gex started to warm up to Irwin. However their relationship was far from perfect. Either it was because of the Treecko’s personality, or it was because of the strange climate-changes happening in Kanto? Sometimes, Irwin believes it to be both of those things.

And that’s pretty much everything up until now.
SPECIES: Treecko

RP sample
Hey Mammoth!


They want an RP-Sample from a recent post.

Recent? Well, guess good ol’ Arcanum won’t be doing much good here, how about from Hoenn RéBURST?

Sounds cool.

Okay then.

The sun was shining brightly as Silas looked up from the small spot he had taken under a tree. Master S had dropped him off somewhere in a region called ‘Hoenn’, he knew that much. But where in the name of Arceus was he? Well, aside from the obvious answer ‘In a forest’. Silas looked around while his light-grey hair gently flowed through the air as the young man moved his head. He caught a glimpse of some sort of town and deduced that he was in the middle of some settlement or something. Standing up from his spot under the tree – the lighting very much reminded him of his first meeting with Master S – Silas started to move through the forest until he came out of it. It was clear that this settlement wasn’t big, if anything it was wide-spread. Long distances of green grass with a few lightly-colored houses dotted out among them in some places. However, there was one house in particular that caught the young man’s interest a bit. It was big, white, and a few Pokémon could actually be seen running around it. Most of them were of species that Silas didn’t recognize and he silently thanked Master S for giving him the opportunity to meet with so many new Pokémon.

He calmly walked up to the house, cautious to not scare the little critters playing tag around the corners of the building. Silas observed them with great interest before entering the house, thinking that there must be even more amazing Pokémon on the inside. However, he would be greatly disappointed to find that no Pokémon seemed to be in there. The only thing he could find was a bunch of people in lab-coats and glasses running around with heaps of paper in their arms. Just as Silas was about to leave, one of these people came up to him with an uneasy expression on his face.

“Hello!” He said.

“Um… Hello?” Silas responded quizzically.

“Do you need help with anything?” The man continued.

“No… Don’t think so…” The young man responded with unease. What was this guy getting an exactly? “Why do you wonder?”

“Well you looked pretty helpless, so I thought that maybe you’d come here to receive your Pokémon?”

“Pokémon…?” Silas’ lips crooked into a sly smile as he heard that word. So these guys gave out Pokémon to people for free? Time to put this to the test then! “Oh yes indeed! I am here for a Pokémon!”

“Really? That’s terrific!” The man in glasses said enthusiastically. Silas just smiled, this seemed to be going perfect! “When Professor Birch left for a while, he put me in charge of this place! As you can see, it’s going terrific!” The man happily pointed behind his back at a bunch of other people with glasses staring at huge fire that had begun to develop on the floor. Silas just looked at the man, he didn’t notice any form of sarcasm in his voice, so he guessed that this man’s definition of ‘terrific’ was this. Man, he did not want to see a situation this man would label as ‘bad’. “I’ll be back with your stuff in a jiffy!” He continued and ran off, quietly singing some kind of song.

After a short amount of time, the man returned with a bunch of items that Silas didn’t quite recognize.
“This!” The man pointed at the first object, it was red and looked like a bigger version of a mobile phone flipped sideways, “Is a PokéDex. It’s a high-tech encyclopedia, containing the information on various Pokémon. It’s also really valuable, so be careful not to flaunt it around too much.”

Silas stared in amazement at the object. Something that could show the information about any Pokémon in the blink of an eye? This had to be one of the most amazing things that Silas had ever seen! He almost drooled as the guy with the glasses handed him the device. The young man quickly but carefully put it in the pocket of the blue-and-black jeans that he was wearing today.

“This,” the man pointed at a few more but smaller objects, some of them being PokéBalls. Silas made a slightly displeased face at the catching devices, however he said nothing. All of these objects were then loaded into a black backpack which was given to Silas.

“I assume that you don’t have a backpack? Well, here’s one on the house! Err, I mean lab…” He said. Silas just raised his eyebrow, where was that free Pokémon now? He had to get going! He wouldn’t want Master S to wait, now would he? “Aaaaaannd here’s your Pokémon!” The man said and handed Silas a PokéBall. The young man shone up as he looked at the sphere, wondering what could be inside it.

“Thank you.” He said calmly and started to walk towards the door.

“Wait!” The man said. Silas turned around for a second. “If you meet Professor Birch, don’t tell him about the fire in his lab, okay?”



As soon as he was outside of the lab, Silas pressed the button situated on the PokéBall’s front. He saw with big eyes as the sphere opened to release his new friend in the form of… Nothing. Nothing came out. The damn ball was empty! Not even a speck of dust came out of it! For a moment, Silas thought about going back inside to complain to the man about this. However, after seeing the man’s… display of abilities, he wasn’t too sure how much of a help that would be. Instead he decided to catch his own Pokémon, his own friend that he could fight alongside so that he’d be able to meet Master S!

He quietly walked towards a small road that he spotted from the laboratory, thinking that it most likely led out of this boring little town. And soon enough, Silas found himself on a route that was bustling and full of life. He surveyed the area he was in, spotting many Pokémon he didn’t recognize. He pointed the PokéDex at one of them, a small red-and-white caterpillar that was busy chewing on a leaf.

Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. Usually targeted by Bird Pokémon, Wurmple defends itself by oozing out poison from the spikes on its head and rear and stabbing them towards the attacker. Their favorite food involves leaves and sap which they reach by peeling the bark off of trees.

Wow, that sure seemed like an amazing Pokémon, maybe Silas should try to befriend it? After a while of thinking, the grey-haired young man decided that he would befriend this Pokémon. So he quickly walked up to it in a – according to himself – non-threatening manner and raised his hand at the Bug-type.

“Hi there!” He said in a friendly tone. The Wurmple stopped munching on its leaf and looked up at the human standing before him. The caterpillar’s eyes were intensely fixed on Silas, so intensely that they seemed to be able to burn human flesh. But Silas didn’t mind, he looked at the Wurmple with a friendly smile on his lips, waiting for it to respond. And respond it did. But not in the fashion that Silas had preferred. The Wurmple’s eyes assumed an angry glare and a thick, purple liquid started to ooze out of the spikes on its head and rear and it started to edge closer to the opposing human. Silas quickly became uncomfortable and started to move away from the bug, there was no point in getting stung for trying to be friendly.

He walked away from that particular spot, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He was relieved that he had gotten away without getting attacked by the Wurmple. Maybe he should look for another friend? Suddenly, a flock of bird-like Pokémon flew over him. Silas recognized them as Pidgey, a Pokémon who was quite common everywhere it seemed. Maybe they would like to be friends with him?

“Hello there!” He shouted at the Pidgeys, yet again in a friendly manner. The answer Silas got was pretty short; a splat of fecal-matter from the bird quickly hit his face. Luckily it wasn’t much, but it was still pretty disgusting. Wiping off some of the vile substance with a napkin he found in his new backpack, Silas sighed. This search for a new partner didn’t seem to go well; maybe he wasn’t connecting with the Pokémon enough? As he started thinking about how to improve his “friendship-recruiting”, Silas heard a loud call for help. The young man turned around (his hair glittering fabulously in the sun as he did so) and started following where the voice seemed to be coming from.

When Silas reached to where the voice was he saw a man with brown hair and knee-high shorts as well as a lab-coat being pressed up against a tree. Standing before him was a black dog-like creature with red-and-yellow eyes, glaring at the man. Silas discretely pointed his PokéDex at the creature to identify it.

Poochyena, the Bite Pokémon. Poochyena has a very keen sense of smell which they use to track down prey. They are known for being very tenacious, often chasing their prey until the prey gets exhausted. They are also known for biting everything that moves.

“Hence being the Bite Pokémon.” Silas thought.

The PokéDex had read the information very clearly as well as very loudly, which caught the attention of both the man and the Poochyena. The man probably known as Birch seems relieved, while the Poochyena just seemed to have become even more agitated.

“Thank goodness someone’s here to help!” The man with the lab-coat said. “I was going to give this Poochyena away to a trainer that wanted it, but so far, no one’s has even taken it into consideration. So it eventually became sad and escaped, but as I tried to convince it to come back, it attacked…”

Silas stood quietly for a moment. Poor Poochyena, no one had even considered it as a partner or a friend? It must’ve really wanted to go on a journey, but since no one picked it… Man, that’s gotta’ tear you up on the inside.

“Well then, it’s settled!” Silas exclaimed and dropped his backpack as well as folding up the arms of his shirt. “I’ll make sure that you get to travel the region Poochyena! I’ll be the one to have you as my friend! I’ll be the one to share many exciting adventure with you!” He exclaimed once again while standing in what most people would call a ‘fighting-stance’. The Poochyena just howled – seemingly unaffected by Silas’ words – and leapt towards the boy. Silas just smiled and readied his fist, “If that’s how you want it…” He said quietly.

“THEN COME AT ME!” Silas’ shout was quickly followed by a punch to the Pokémon’s face. The Poochyena whimpered a bit as the human’s fist connected with it. The Dark-type flew back a few feet from the impact, but quickly got up again. For a moment it seemed to catch its breath before letting out an agitated howl. It even seemed like the little dog-like creature became a bit more buff from that. It howled again and threw itself toward Silas. The young man just smiled and started running towards the Pokémon. As he came close enough, Silas tried to elbow the Poochyena right in the face. However, the Dark-type was a bit faster and thus managed to avoid the human’s elbow. Instead, it bit down on the male’s exposed arm. Silas cringed, the fangs of the little dog didn’t bury deep into is flesh, but they still managed to make him bleed as well as hurt like hell. He quickly grabbed ahold of the Dark-type’s head and started to tickle its nose. The Poochyena tried to not get overcome by the urge to sneeze, but eventually he had to let go. Silas smiled again as he tackled the dog hard so that it flew another few feet away from him.

Now the Poochyena was angry, really angry. It slowly opened its mouth as something orange seemed to form in it. Silas watched with astonishment as the Dark-type shot out a small pillar of fire towards him. Barely jumping out of the way, Silas started to slowly encircle the Poochyena. He checked the PokéDex to see what that move was.

Incernate, a Fire-type move. If the target of this move holds a berry, the berry will immediately get burned to a crisp. Poochyena is not compatible with this move in any way.

“What? But how can it then use it?” Silas asked.

“I’m not actually sure myself,” the man said, “I think he was bred in some special sort of way.”

“Interesting…” Silas smiled.

The Poochyena gave off a proud look before attacking again. Its yellow eyes gleamed as it came closer and closer to Silas. Silas himself just smiled on and started running towards the Poochyena again. They both jumped towards each other at the same time, resulting in some sort of awkward hug that the Dark-type had not expected.

“Please… I know that you’ve had it rough. But why not come with me instead? Together, we shall embark on journey far beyond any of our wildest dreams! So please, just come with me as your partner Poochyena…” Silas said softly. He took out the PokéBall where the Dark-type should’ve been and gently tapped the little dog with it.