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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent grit his teeth, Flare only barely holding her own against the two Vigoroth’s, but he had earned himself a moment of respite, as the one Vigoroth tried to debate wether to attack or back off. Just then, he heard Victoria cry out in pain and he spun around, believing that Flare could hold her own. Just then, a lot of things happened at once. He saw a Vigoroth leaping from a tree towards him, just to be frozen the next moment. He saw Damion running towards the two and his Pokémon aiding them in the fight.

And lastly, he saw his Flareon completely wreck the frozen Pokémon, raising his arms to cover his face as bits of ice rained down over him. Thankfully, no large chunks hit him, and he quickly resumed to his battle, as he saw that Damion was taking care of Victoria. As the boy sent him his Pokémon to help out, Vincent breathed out a sigh of relief, calling out over his shoulder. “Thanks a bunch!”

The downside of having the Vaporeon and Flareon run up on each side of Flare, all at the ready to attack the two Vigoroth’s who seemed to have gotten over their small setback, was that he had no clue what attacks Damion’s Pokémon had. He’d have to make do with what he knew.

The Vigoroths roared out and charged once again, Vincent clenching his fists, his eyes darting around until he got an idea. “Pyre, Extremespeed on that tree!” he said, raising an arm to point to his right, the Vigoroth’s quickly closing in. “Cryo, Ice beam, Flare, Fire Blast!”
All three Pokémon growled out as they set to work, the Flareon slicing the bottom of the tree with it’s incredible speed, causing the tree to fall towards the battlers. Then, the Vaporeon froze the tree and just as the Vigoroths were nearing the four, the tree slammed down in front of them, causing them to startle and back off. This was when Flare lowered herself down, building up flames, and then let out the large fireball, which collided with the frozen tree, causing it to explode, sending flames and large ice chunks scattering over the battlefield.

The Vigoroths yelped and roared out both in pain, fear and anger as they were knocked around while trying to back away from the devastating attack. As the ice and fire died away, they were bruised all over, parts of their fur on fire, as they ran for dear life, deeper into the jungle. Vincent, Flare, Pyre and Cryo stood, ready for them to make a return, but as nothing happened for a few moments, he relaxed again, breathing out heavily.

He turned and hurried over to the others, the three Pokémon circling around their trainers to protect them further, Vincent panting for air as he stopped next to the two, looking from Victoria to Damion. “Is she okay?” Looking her over, he saw the gash on her side, letting out a small huff, nodding. “We need to get back to the camp, in case they come back. You help her up and support her, I’ll hurry back to the camp and see if anyone brought some bandages… and hopefully some disinfectant as well.”

He waited for a moment to make sure that Damion had heard him before glancing to Flare. “Keep them safe. Do as they say, okay?” As she let out a confirmed little growl, though looking a little unhappy at her trainer running off again, Vincent smiled lightly to her, before dashing through the small bit of jungle left and erupted onto the beach, dashing over to the shelter once more, where he started going through whatever packs the others had brought, trying to find some bandages. “Come on, come on…”

Titans Reborn!

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