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NAME: Fonse Loneheart

AGE: 15
BODY: He stands at a height of little more than 5 feet and 3 inches, with his weight being of almost a hundred and fifty pounds. He's what you may call... chubby. Despite looking like this, he's a rather strong person that can carry several things at once, and being hit several times before feeling any pain. His bulky psyche makes him stand out in every place he is, especially in awkward situations...

His hair short and of a deep black, yet it looks somehow brown-ish under the bright sunlight, not to mention shiny. If he ever forgets to cut his hair once in a month, it grows to be huge, messy hair. His face is round, yet not as much as it should be because of the excessive amounts of water he drinks every day, which vary from 2 to 3 litres and a half.

All around his face is a beard that has just grown, despite the short amount it has been in his face, it's already covering most of his face, making him look older than he actually is, even when it can't be fully appreciated unless you stand right in front of him. This beard is his greatest pride, and he will do anything to avoid shaving his capillary treasure.

The previous is not the only part of his body covered in hair. In fact, which part of his body is not covered would be a great question. His arms and legs, even his chest have been invaded by hair. Not that he cares, he actually thinks it looks great.

CLOTHING: Fonse wears a jacket over whatever else he's wearing, as well as a scarf, ALL THE TIME, be it summer, be it winter. If you ever ask him if he's ever going to take those off, you won't like the cold 'no' he will give to you. The jacket he wears is generally black, with it being blue on some very special occasions, with the scarf always being one with black and white stripes. His normal outfit consists of a white, sleeveless shirt under the jacket, complemented with a pair of denim jeans and white sneakers as his footwear. He sometimes wears a bell with slots for ten Pokeballs, despite having only one Pokeball for his long time partner, Goony Goo. He also likes to wear a pair of black glasses over his normal pair, in order to look stylish, without being blind, at least that's what he likes to think. His normal glasses are a little thick, but without being those that a hipster would wear.
PERSONALITY: Somewhat arrogant, unwilling to socialize with strangers. Yet he's quite friendly with those people he considers worth of being with him. He like to think he's just to good to meet any kind of people, when in fact he's not very good when it comes to express himself, or talking, for that matter.

He's a bit of a loner, as he doesn't like having company. Yet he doesn't like being alone, either. He's somewhat of a bipolar, as his mood suddenly changes between happiness and madness. He's not very close to his parents, who are currently divorced, nor to anyone else, for that matter.

Yet it's all different with Pokemon around, he is more open when talking to Gooney Goo, as he knows that most of Pokemon don't judge people by their looks. He has from little to no friends, most of them being acquaintances with whom he usually talks for a while every now and then...

INTERESTS: He's an easy learner in most subjects, except for math, those are his worst enemy, no matter how hard he tries, he can barely do a simple a+b equation. He also seems to be a quick learner in everything technology-related, be it a simple computer program, or some sort of coding. He like to take a stroll with Gooney Goo around the island, being careful of not going to close to the volcano, as he is afraid of fire, of any kind, even if it's just a burn. This fear has apparently no explanation, as there was nothing involving fire in his childhood, it's just as illogic as his fear of heights. He loves most of food, especially if it's spicy. He likes a lot of music, as he describes his taste in as 'exotic', due to the fact that he likes at least one song from each gender you can imagine.

His like in Pokemon (or those he knows about) is just as exotic, he prefers the weaker and the less appealing in appearance over every other kind.

DISLIKES: He despises people that pretend to be smart. If he ever spots them, he'll immediately correct them with his own, true intelligence, avoiding sounding like a snooty kid as much as possible. He also hates when someone bullies a person, standing for the victim whenever he spots it, this hasn't done any good for him, however, as he usually ends being the one bullied.

HISTORY: He grew up in Cinnabar Island, son of what seemed to be a very lovely couple, not to forget wealthy, yet there was more than meets the eye. His father was always mad at Fonse for no reason at all, and no matter what he did, his father was never even a little bit proud of him. His mother, in the other hand, was very caring of him, much to his father's despise, who was always yelling at them. His mother and father frequently fought for no reason at all, but Fonse later found out that his father had invested all of their money in a small company in the island that soon went broke, leaving them with no money, and that those discussion were about his mother trying to kick his father out. After the divorce, his father sailed in a small boat, never to be seen again by any of the two.

At first, Fonse was sad, but they two of them quickly began doing better without his father, his mother got two jobs, one at the local lab as a researcher, and the other as clerk in the PokeMart of the island. Despite spending such a few time with him, they were quite happy in the island.

One day, Fonse's mother went to do some field research near Pallet Town, where she caught a Zigzagoon for Fonse, as it was his tenth birthday. He gladly accepted the Pokemon that was soon to become his very best friend.

OTHER: Despite being young, his voice is as deep as that of an adult, which is another thing that makes people believe he's older than fifteen.
SPECIES: Zigzagoon (nicknamed Goony Goo)

RP sample
The Fantastic Adventures of Ellsworth

"I suddenly feel like criticizing the narrative style, of which I'm obviously unaware... What the heck did I just said?" You say, ending confused.

You suddenly remember that your story is not exactly the one with most sense, thus meaning you can do as you wish without worrying too much about cross-universe references. You're obviously unaware of this, and decide to sing another song.

"My milkshake brings all the boys around, and they're like, its better than yours!" You sing with a very crappy rhythm. Once again you have no idea of how you know that song, not that you mind, though, it's pretty catchy!

"Slugma!" A voice exclaims, startling you. Upon turning around, you realize the little splatter had exit the Pokeball on its own. You suddenly begin thinking if this Pokemon is as derpy as it looks, and you realize the obvious answer upon carefully looking at it:

( ◕‿‿◕ )

You begin asking yourself what you did to receive a Pokemon like that... Maybe it was because of that time you pushed the school's janitor down the stairs... But that was only fifty percent intentional! Or so you like to think...

"Okay, let's set this straight," you tell Slugma, noticing the grass below it is slowly being incinerated, "You like me, I don't like you! You'll be Conchita from now on, Concho if you're a male, and not a single word about it!"


"How do I know if you're a male or a female, anyways? The only way I can think of is disgusting for me to try..."

You take your P★DA from your left pocket, and point it at Slugma.

"Tell me if it's a male or not, and I'll forget you owe me a cake!" You yell at the mischievous device.

"Welcome to the Aperture Science Gender Detailing Device. The Pocket Monster's gender is being processed, please wait a second..."

As a very catchy elevator-like tune plays, you beging whistling as you wait for your P★DA to tell you Slugma's gender.

"Request finished." The gadget says with its creepy robot voice, "The subject's gender is... Female"

"Guess you'll be Conchita after all..." You whisper.

You turn around, and you stare at the splatter... So derpy, why couldn't you just have a Pikachu like all the other cool guys? Was it too much to ask? You decide to forget those thoughts, as they'll take you nowhere...

"Let's go for a not so retarded Pokemon, shall we?"


And then, you decided to walk as if you were some sort of pimp, with very prolonged steps, as you wink at those girls who walk around. Unbeknownst to you, all they are thinking is these dumb kids in the best of cases.

After a while, you spot a small bird that looks quite gentle, as you open your mouth in excitement, you quickly throw a Pokeball at it. Yet the bird quickly breaks from the capsule, rendering a perfectly good Pokeball useless.

"Wait, was I supposed to weaken it first?" You say, as you were sure that catching a Pidgey required from little to no effort at all, "If that's the case... Slugma! Use..." you pause for a while, "What exactly can you do?" You ask as you stare at the blobby red being.

"The subject knows three techniques," the Jet Black gadget says, "Ember, Rock Throw and Electro Web. It is highly recommended to use the second, as the damage will be duper effective on the stray Monster."

"Err... Thanks, I guess. Use Rock Throw!" You yell as you point your finger at the bird.

Slugma's eyes glow as a small bunch of rocks arise from the ground, and in a matter of seconds, Pidgey is being demaged by the rain if mini-asteroid-like rocks.

"Gey!" The bird exclaims with pain, waging its wing all around in a seemingly pathetic attempt to quell its pain.

"This is going to be so easy!" You exclaim with excitement.

But it seems like you're wrong. As the wing waddle generates a small gust of wing, big enough to take Slugma away, making it spin all round while it is mid air. All the blob can do is make noises as if it was yelling 'I wanna get off!' as you stare, silently dying of laughter.

After the Slugma's wild air ride, something quite peculiar occurs. The plaster is now sitting... over the Pidgey. The Slugma is sighing in relief as the bird struggles to be set free, with no results, except for the increasing burns in its body.

Slugma walks, or rather, crawls away as the bird is slowly released from the infernal being. Pidgey begins hoping everywhere as it yells in pain while it burns.

"Well, if that's not weakening a Pokemon, I don't know what it is..." You say as you take a Pokeball from your bag.

"The previous is denominated 'Weakening a Pokemon'" The P★DA exclaims.

"Shut up, GLaDOS!" You say as you throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon, quickly sealing it inside of the capsule, as you wait for it to rock. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not... Only time will tell... Right now, all you can do is stare at the rocking Pokeball...