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Originally Posted by Fuyu View Post
Really Red, you should have seen this one coming. :)
Accepted! Aww, and here I really liked your character.

Originally Posted by Mr. Mammoth View Post
Awesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeaweosmeawesome, Okay, I'll stop now and instead provide this un-filled out application-form.
Confusing but fun SU xD I prefer if you write your RP posts in third person, though first person could be fun with Irwin, perhaps.

Originally Posted by Vato View Post
Must, resist, urge, to join!
I failed
I'll use a Zigzagoon, I suddenly feel like loving those...
The sample will be my most recent post in Skies of Fruition :)
I also wanted to do a character based upon myself, hope that's not a problem...
I guess we need some kind of unsocial/gloomy character to counter Irwin and Auryn with :p I prefer if the RP posts are written in third person, though first person is ok. Second person makes me think of Homestuck too much ;p

Originally Posted by KingKaos View Post
I have to listen to my guts when I pick players and even though your SU is ok, I don't think your writing style is what I'm looking for for this RP.

BUT if you rewrite the RP sample to be in third person past tense (or at least some kind of past tense) I can re-read it and think again. Try to not be so fast-paced; it's a bit difficult to follow what's happening at all times :)

Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
NAME: (first and last) Ben White
Your RP sample is fine, but your SU is incredibly thin. I don't get a good enough feeling for your character. I'm declining it for now, but you can try to flesh it out if you want. Let me know when you want me to re-read your SU :3

To everyone else, work on those SUs if you want one of the last 2 spots. If I find three SUs I really like when I check in the morning, I guess might accept one extra player ;)


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