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Originally Posted by Hooh54 View Post
I'd be more than happy to trade them for three breeding requests!

Can I have these please? I would love it if you could make them capture requests instead, actually :3

Pokemon: Murkrow
Nickname: Kyoko
Gender: Female
IVs: Flawless
Pokeball: Heal Ball
Ability: Super Luck
Shiny: yes

Pokemon: Joltik
Nickname: Starry
Gender: Male
IVs: Flawless
Pokeball: Ultra Ball
Ability: Compoundeyes
Shiny: yes

Pokemon: Cubchoo
Nickname: Polaris
Gender: Male
IVs: Flawless
Pokeball: Dive Ball
Ability: Snow Cloak
Shiny: yes

Thank you for your time!
Sure thing , I'll post here when ready

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