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Because I'm so innovative (and because interested in what other people have to say about it... but more-so because I wanted to make my own thread based on my opinion because I'm a little bit vain and very innovative you know me), I'm making a thread based on a reply I made to Razor Leaf's question on whether (if you're a guy) you feel manly, or (if you're a girl) you feel like a woman.

My reply read: "Judging strictly based on how I feel, I feel I'm androgynous. Judging on how I view masculinity and femininity, I'm 100% masculine just by being a guy. Judging on how society views masculinity and femininity, I'd say I'm about 60% masculine and 40% feminine. I'm not sure if it's progressive of me or not of my view of masculinity and femininity being so black and white, when there are so many people out there with gender identity issues, but I guess I feel that if you're a girl biologically, you're a girl as a gender even if you act like how society depicts a guy to act, and likewise for "girly" guys."

What's your opinion on gender identity? How do you feel about the way society has assigned gender roles and associated certain characteristics with masculine and femininity? Do you agree with their depiction, or do you challenge them in your mind? Another question for you to answer here. Just reply what you want to reply with now I guess.

Not here for debates, but a nice discussion would be nice I forgot to pick a prefix so if Nick or Harry could get on that, that'd be great xox.
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