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Ever since she had woken up after her eventful first day on this scary island, Kelsey had remained very distanced from the others. She saw them, and ate when food was being offered, but actually interacting with them was too much for her. It made her wish she was able to socialize with others with ease. Seeing the others talking with each other made her feel rather envious, and reminded her of just as lonely she was.

Something she did notice was that Victoria gave her Coal back, wrapped in the hoodie she placed on her to keep her warm, and she since returned him to his Pokeball. Victoria did seem quite nice, maybe. The others seemed okay too, but she figured it may have been a little too quick to make that judgment.

It suddenly dawned on her that she hasn't seen the others in a while. She heard cries off in the distance, and it made her nervous.

"Wh... what was..." Her voice trailed off. She was essentially talking to herself. "Should I... should I check it out?" Kelsey was a coward, but the idea of these people being in danger made her terrified, much more than it should have. She ran off in the direction of the cries.


She eventually found the others, and noticed that Victoria was badly hurt. Kelsey couldn't help but gasp at her bleeding from her side.

"Oh... oh no..." She froze in place. "Victoria!" Her eyes darted around. "Can anyone tell me if she's gonna be okay? Please!" Her voice sounded oddly desperate given the fact that she was so worried over someone she had only met the other day.
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