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Hey dude, welcome! I love that you love Ralts; it's one of those off-beat Pokemon that not many people would think about so it makes you special. I also actually had no idea Ralts could be so good. When I was first playing through Ruby and Sapphire, I saw Ralts and thought "that looks weird and weak, I can't have that on my team" and then moved on to find an Elekid or something haha. If (no, when! WHEN) the Ruby and Sapphire remakes come out, a Ralts will probably be on my shopping list now

Anyway welcome! Hopefully I'll get to see you around the forums . I'm mostly in the off-topic areas but I venture around the Pokemon-y places once in a while lol. My profile is always open if you ever wanna say hi :D


Being the 5 year old I was at the time, I threw all my cards in the street around my neighborhood on the 4th of July because my sister told me that giving Pokemon cards to people is a common act of kindness on the 4th. Silly me >.>.
LOL. Your sister is awful. I laughed and went "awwwww!!!" at the same time, because that is both hilarious and adorable lmao.

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