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but I guess I feel that if you're a girl biologically, you're a girl as a gender even if you act like how society depicts a guy to act, and likewise for "girly" guys.
I agree to that, and I view people that way generally unless they're transgender, in which case, I refer to them as whatever they wish to be perceived as, and see them as such.

I know plenty of people are put off by gender roles that society as grown to follow. For example some of the guys that I know feel less manly if they don't fit ALL OF THE MALE STEREOTYPES, or follow any of the female ones. Likewise for girls who act boyish, and they feel like they're weird for that. For that reason I dislike gender roles, but I also find it fascinating when people aren't afraid to go completely against them. Myself, I'm pretty androgynous, or so I've been told. I'm biologically female, but sometimes if you're seeing me from afar or from a picture, that could be hard to notice because of how male I can be. In that way, I also fit more to the male gender role, but I also have moments where I can be pretty dang noticeably a chick. xD

I challenge gender roles all the time, and I enjoy doing so. I just go with what I feel, and in the end people can perceive me however they want. I don't exactly fall under being "transgender", not fully, I'm a bit fluid with it, and I tend to find people more interesting if they're a bit the same.

Gender identity itself is interesting, but also a bit weird when I think too much about it, because I end up wondering just how the typical male / female roles ended up being what they are, and why. Who says guys can't wear dresses without first wanting to be entirely female? Or visa versa for girls. It does create issues for society labels, and it could probably be discussed for hours without reaching any end.

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