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About the world: In my opinion the little brown/green things mess up with the third generation style.

How about making a separate location like a small island?

About the bridge map: I thinks that will be better if you remove the fences, except the lake ones. The river without water (in the second bridge from down) is a little strange. Aside for these thing, will be a good map.

But I didn't like the idea of making a entire map only for bridges, what about putting others stuffs?

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
No, actually. I made that picture in 5 minutes in Paint, just to be a rough guide for what I'm actually doing - it will be improved eventually. Paint isn't difficult to use, y'know, and I don't know why an in-game region map generator would ever be invented.
I disagree. The exact tile division isn't easy to do by eye.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
If anyone knows about the Battle Tower/Arena/etc. scripts, I'd like to learn something. Why do they all use the script with name s:pbInChallenge?(3), why is it always 3, and why might that 3 be compared to the tournament's name (which is a string)?
This 3 make no sense, any positive number have the same behavior. This can be some code to debug or a code that the scripter forget to finish. There also others similar things in PokemonOrgBattle scripts, these scripts are a bit incomplete. Aside for Battle Tower I don't know how complete are these Battle Frontier systems.
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