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Quote originally posted by FL .:
About the world: In my opinion the little brown/green things mess up with the third generation style.

How about making a separate location like a small island?

Again, that's a draft Town Map I knocked up in 5 minutes for my convenience. All it does is tell me where I should be putting maps. The brown squares represent caves, and the green squares are other points of interest. It is definitely not the final design; aside from a few tweaks to the layout as I progress, it will probably be redrawn in HGSS style anyway.

What would the small island have on it?

Quote originally posted by FL .:
About the bridge map: I thinks that will be better if you remove the fences, except the lake ones. The river without water (in the second bridge from down) is a little strange. Aside for these thing, will be a good map.

But I didn't like the idea of making a entire map only for bridges, what about putting others stuffs?

The northern pool does look a bit odd. I'll tweak that a bit. However, I do like the fences, as they mark out the cliff edges and they mask the inability to put tall grass on the tiles where the fences currently are.

The map has more than just bridges in it. There's tall grass for wild encounters, and still water for surfing/reflections/fishing/encounters. The tall grass also helps with showing off roaming Pokémon. And, if nothing else, it shows how to make a pretty map.

My design ethos is to make a small region, each part of which showcases a different feature. If you want to know how to make any kind of bridge, go here. If you want to know what you can do with an ice cave, all the possible puzzles are here. There will be warps to each area from the Nexus map. I think connecting them together is better than having isolated and/or cluttered maps, because it adds to the feel of the region and it also demonstrates a lot of map connections at the same time (i.e. so they don't need their own example maps).

Of course, most maps have multiple features in them. Perhaps the bridge map and other routes aren't the best examples of this, but certainly the towns have many different buildings (the large southern city contains a Poké Center, department store with elevator/stairs/marts/vending machines, Game Corner, Gym, fossil reviver and Move Tutor-type NPCs).

I spent a while coming up with the layout of the region, and I came up with a fairly decent distribution of features. Said features are all listed in my "To Do" file.

Quote originally posted by FL .:
I disagree. The exact tile division isn't easy to do by eye.
I work with a 240x160 map, then enlarge it to 200% at the very end. I also begin making a map by using squares (like in the map I posted above), place the towns/routes in, and then worry about the cosmetic details of smoothing out the coast and adding contours. I don't find this approach that difficult. Then again, I am a bit of a neatness freak.

Quote originally posted by FL .:
This 3 make no sense, any positive number have the same behavior. This can be some code to debug or a code that the scripter forget to finish. There also others similar things in PokemonOrgBattle scripts, these scripts are a bit incomplete. Aside for Battle Tower I don't know how complete are these Battle Frontier systems.
I think it may be a hangover from an earlier design, when the challenges were called by numbers rather than actual names (I don't know if this actually happened, though). I'm just speculating, and I'd like other opinions.

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