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I feel that identity is something a person should choose for themselves. Lots of people grow up thinking of themselves in terms that they didn't pick for themselves, or just went along with because it's what was expected of them. You see that in families where kids follow the same religion of their parents, or later in life adopting the same political stances their family have. I see gender identity in much the same way, only to a greater extent since almost all people accept the gender that they're given when they're born.

It's not always the case, and I think more people at least think about it at some point when they grow up, but most people just accept it. Probably because on the surface it's a very simple concept: male or female. I'm okay with that. People ought to do what feels right for them. But the problem I have is that because it's so prevalent for people to accept the gender they were assigned at birth they expect everyone else to do the same. And people rarely have the exact same concept of what a gender identity connotes.

Again, I wouldn't mind so much that people assume gender identities for others if it didn't have gender roles attached to it. I mean, what does it matter if a stranger thinks you're a girl or a boy? It wouldn't matter, except they often expect you to act differently depending on your perceived gender. Going back to what I was saying, I think people should do what feels right for them, so if you feel good wearing one style of clothing or doing one kind of activity then you should do that. But other people get in the way of that, sometimes get mad at that, and it bothers me.

I could ramble on forever so I'mma gonna stop here.
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