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Damian was waltzing along the river...that was more like a creek when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A Meowth came sprinting across the river bank...dangerously close to the water. The water that Boris was in. "Boris, use Bite!" The Caravahana leapt from the water in a split second and clamped its jaws down on the Meowth, making it cry out in pain. "Meowth!" It cried out in pain, then slashed Boris across the face with Scratch. "No, Boris use Bite again!" Again, the Caravahana clamped down on it. It screeched in pain and slashed him across the face again. This made Boris leap into the water, as it was sore from the scratches.

He was submerged for a while, so Damian began to worry. The Meowth was still wary, watching the water for any signs of attack. As it turned away to flee, a flaming Boris popped out of the water and slammed into the Meowth. It fell over, injured but not defeated. The Caravahana was flopping a Caravahana out of water. The Meowth began to continously scratch him, so Damian decided to take a chance. He threw a pokeball at the Meowth and waited.
"I'm not gonna die. Each one of you risked your lives to come to my rescue, and that's why I can't let you throw away your lives now, not for me, not again. I got this. Don't worry about me, babies."
-Space Dandy
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