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Quote originally posted by Medlis:
Alrighty, just pm me whenever your good to trade alright?
I'll do Zorua tonight (I think) so we can trade once I do that tonight. I'll do Roselia later, that will take maybe until Saturday, maybe. Idk if you can wait that long
Quote originally posted by Pokemanz:
Hey I'm interested in your shiny Scizor and Virizon, I can offer you shiny Swampert, Gyarados, or a non shiny Cresselia (2 out of those 3)

Could I have details/pokecheck on those three pokemon? I'm interested in Swampert if he has stealth rock.

Medlis: I can easily get you a Male timid Zorua with no nickname and the IVs: 30/26/30/31/31/31 (for hidden power ice). Would you like that, or for me to RNG a female one?

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