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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
Alrighty, just pm me whenever your good to trade alright?
I'll do Zorua tonight (I think) so we can trade once I do that tonight. I'll do Roselia later, that will take maybe until Saturday, maybe. Idk if you can wait that long
Originally Posted by Pokemanz View Post
Hey I'm interested in your shiny Scizor and Virizon, I can offer you shiny Swampert, Gyarados, or a non shiny Cresselia (2 out of those 3)
Could I have details/pokecheck on those three pokemon? I'm interested in Swampert if he has stealth rock.

Medlis: I can easily get you a Male timid Zorua with no nickname and the IVs: 30/26/30/31/31/31 (for hidden power ice). Would you like that, or for me to RNG a female one?
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