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Quote originally posted by K1ngQu33n:
I don't think base set is 1000$. It says in my book that it's 120$.
Well... your book is 4 years old. And I saw several first edition shadowless base sets go for over $1500 in the past few months on the completed listings for them on eBay. The most recent one as of yesterday went for $2,099(!). 4 years is a long time in something as volatile as collectible card prices. I do appreciate the help, though. I didn't get any good at pricing until these last 2 years, myself.

Quote originally posted by rpg man:
Also these cards:

and this one:

All mint
Bigger pictures of that first one, please. I can only tell what versions the 2 Mew cards are. I can tell the set of Gyarados and Blastoise, but I can't tell if they're the shadowless versions or not.

For the ones I can see:

Mew (promo): $1 to $2.

Ancient Mew: $2 to $3.

Mewtwo (star): $30 to $35.

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