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As Vincent took off towards the beach Damion was starting to say, "Hey you should take your..." but he was already out of hearing range, "... Pokémon with you. Or not." His attention was drawn back to Victoria who was still in pain. After she said Damion replied,

"You know, you're a bad liar." He said teasingly with a smile. "Hopefully Vincent will be back shortly, we have to get you all patched up before we try and move you." Just then he felt her lean into him. He was slightly dumbfounded at the act since he never really had anyone do something like that before. Instinctively he reaffirmed his grip on her in a hugging notion, hoping it would help her relax/comfort her in her pain. "Seems I'm playing superman yet again, You don't happen to have any rocks do you?" Damion tried to make light of the situation with a bad joke referencing the previous night.

Just as things seemed they would be okay he heard some rustling in the bushes. His Pokémon obviously heard it before him since they were already alerted and ready for anything. Damion let out a sigh of relief as he saw the girl he rescued from last night.
"She'll be just fine once Vincent gets back from the beach and we get her patched up." He said in response.

A few more minutes had passed as Vincent came running back down. He was rather surprised to see the quality of the medical items he had in his possession. He held Victoria steady as he cleaned and dressed the wound. He felt her grip tighten as poured the disinfectant on the wound. As Vincent finished, Damion heard him speaking about water and traversing back and forth. At the same time he was trying to help Victoria stand.

"If you want my honest opinion, we should move camp to the lake, rather than going back and forth every time we need a drink. Obviously this section of the trail is part of the Vigoroth's territory. So they Will be back eventually." Damion could still feel Victoria leaning into him as she wearily tried to get her footing and stand.
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