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After Gordon finished his training, he set off for the Capture the Flag field. He knew that Mr. D was going to get a game in soon. It had been a good while since then, and he was getting a little rusty. He walked into the forest and scouted the area. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to be there, but he didn't care. He had to find the perfect place to hide during the match to pick people off as they ran by. He was quite fond of the sniper tactic, and he was stoked to try out the new thing he had been working on. It would in quite handy in missions anyways.

Gordon found his spot right where the other team would take their position. He learned every team's strategy so that he could use it to the Apollo cabin's advantage. Sadly it would only be him on the Apollo team, the team that got Apollo would be in major trouble. Thankfully he was the senior member of the group though. The only eighteen year old had died during a gods-awful accident involving a chainsaw and a Minotaur. The poor guy never had a chance...Anyways, he started to test angles with his bow and the safety arrows that were used for CTF and training. He fired arrow after arrow until he was satisfied with the results. Gordon flashed his winning smile. "I'm ready to rumble."
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