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~INTRODUCTION:~ Well, Welcome to The PC Gods! Our Goal is to be the Best Hacking Team In PC! A few other Things: Hello. I am Rpg Man . I
So far I can map and
text edit. I am looking for a team of Legendary hackers
to assist in this hack because I can't make it alone!

~How to Apply:~ Position you want to apply:
Proof of work: (screenshots, sprites, Links ETC)
Why you want to join this team? (practice, for fun, etc.):

Available Jobs:

1 mapper
Spriter (for OW sprites)
Spriter (for fakemons) Yes Fakemon...
Spriter (for trainers)
Pro Scripter
Sprite Inserter
Tile Inserter
Title Screen Changer
Text Editor
Music Editor
Banner/Support Things :/

~The Hack~ Hack name: ???. Hack of: ???

Features: Day and Night System.
New Starters:???
Only 1 kind of Pokeball...the net ball.
Fakemon Sprites
Brand new Hero / Heroine.
New Trainers.
3 rivals.
New music.
New tiles.
New Music
16 Gyms and no League instead....World Grand Myth Battle~
~Easter Eggs~

Story: It is in the 1600s where Pokemon Myths are just being made on the real things! And Prof. Layton Asks you to go and Capture every Mythic Pokemon~(Victni and the others will be here too) But the Evil Leaf Clan wants to collect them and use their powers for evil!
My new account is Critx!

I made a new account was cuz i didn't like the name RPg Man