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Quote originally posted by rpg man:
I was thinking that you should make a Temple for the Birds (Maybe Ho-Oh and Lugia)
I'll figure something out haha. The trio have temples (well, ruins technically)

Quote originally posted by Boghy12:
There are some "bad boys"? Like Team Aqua/Magma/Rocket/Plasma/Galactic?
And which is the "special" legendary pokemon? like in light platinum(Arceus) or Black(Zeckrom)?
And Lugia isn't looking so god with the eyes black like in fire red in this version will they be blue? (Sorry for my bad english:D)
1. The Lyst is an organization following some unknown leader. They'll be the "bad guys" most of the time.
2. The Legendary Trio of Birds are the main legendaries
3. I think Lugia's eyes are the least of our problems (especially cuz his eyes are blue in the Pokedex and he doesn't show up anywhere else in the thread...)

Quote originally posted by Alignment:
The graphics and most of the mapping looks solid and nice. On the other hand, I can't really judge how great this will be without any script evidence. Once we see some scripts I'll drop right back and give you the full layout of what I think. Keep up the good work though!
Thanks, I have a little bit of scripting done. Like I said, I'm very busy. I really should get some screenshots up... I assure you, I'm impeccable with grammar and story-writing.

Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||