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@Flare: lol, I'll definitely have to tell you more about it later. I had played Pokemon games previously, so I was not totally lost. But the rest of it was pretty straightforward.

@GoldenLatias: Its been a week or two, so I do hope you were able to get some help before this (my apologies for not answering right away), but to type in the chat, find the chat box then click the dark blue bar at the bottom of it.

Once you've figured out how to enter text, you may also type /giveup rather that /leavehouse to exit a house. That will warp you to your set spawn point!
ALSO! Updates!!
We recently released a new region, called Tanren! This new region has dozens of new maps to explore as well as three new dungeons! Definitely worth checking out!

I hope to see you all on.~
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