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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent glanced to Damion and nodded slightly, frowning a little worriedly while Victoria tried to push herself to a stand, the Pokémon around them ever vigilant and protective of their trainers. “I thought about that as well… but there may be more dangerous Pokémon at the lake, due to it being a watering hole, maybe even a feeding ground for Ursaring or worse. I do agree that we can’t run back and forth all the time, though. Let’s talk about it later.”

He appreciated Damion’s quick thinking, happy to know that he, if anything, could handle himself. Not that he doubted whether or not that the other girls and the other boy could handle themselves, it was just good with a bit of proof.

He smiled a little sheepishly down at Victoria’s joke, thankfully not having ripped more than a small hole up to around her midriff. If it got more torn, he’d probably offer her his own shirt and make a makeshift one out of… something. He’d figure it out. “Heh. Maybe, yeah. Sorry Victoria.” He smiled faintly, lifting a hand to rub the back of his head, feeling it a bit of an odd time for jokes.

Watching her quietly as she stumbled over to Kelsey, Vincent let out a small, relieved sigh, as she seemed to be alright, but as soon as she collapsed against Kelsey, his eyes shot wide. “Victoria!” Gritting his teeth he ran over to the girls, Damion hot on his heels as they both leaned down to make sure she was alright. “No matter what we’re gonna do with the camp later, we need to get back there –now-, so she can get some rest.” He lifted one of her arms and placed it around her shoulders, his right arm across her back to support her, glancing over at Damion to do the same.

“Stand up on three. One… two… three.” As he counted down, they both stood up, carrying Victoria between them, Vincent being careful not to push on the bandaged area of her side. He glanced to Kelsey and the other boy to make sure they were alright, sending them a small, reassuring smile as if to say “It’ll be okay.”. Him and Damion slowly turned around and began making their trek through the jungle, despite Victoria’s mumbled, pained protests, both his, Damion’s and Victoria’s Pokémon following right behind (And in front of), to keep them safe.
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