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Name: Chrysogenum
Version: Gold
Pokemon: Magmar / Electabuzz

Shucks, forgot to say that I'll hack them at level 5 on the first route (as base forms) and use starter as HM Slave


Started the game and named myself Chris
Got SLV I the Totodile
Then, I caught Flannery the Magby (F) and Volkner the Elekid (M)
Volkner destroyed Falkner with Thunder Punch
And Flannery Bugsy, with Fire Punch
Volkner evolved
And so did Flannery
Caught SLV II (Machop for Strength & RS)
Beat Morty and Chuck
Did the lighthouse fetchquest and destroyed Jasmine with Flannery's Flamethrower
Got to Mahogany, doing the Team Rocket Base SideQuest

Volkner - Electabuzz- M - 50
- Iron Tail
- Ice Punch
- Thunderbolt
- Light Screen

Flannery - Magmar - F - 50
- Flamethrower
- Sunny Day
- HP
- Fire Punch

Avatar done by ~The-Blue-Pangolin in deviantArt

Challenges I'm doing:
- Duo Run : Magmar / Electabuzz
- Rescue Team Challenge - RRT / Normal

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