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I hate offending people, generally, but I've realized I'm a bit of a troll on my university's anon site. Not as horrible a troll as most people but I'm not nearly as polite as I would be in literally any other situation. Even the few times I used to post on 4chan I was much nicer but I'm super sarcastic when dealing with stupid peers and there's no penalty, haha.

Generally, though, I stop short of anything that would be truly offensive. So I'll make fun of someone for trying to use a moderated submission site as a replacement for google but I wouldn't post to ridicule someone for their religious or political beliefs.

If anon doesn't count--since I think that one site is literally the only place I do go anon for--then I will go so out of my way to make sure I don't offend anyone that it's a little ridiculous.
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