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Hello there, I think this thread is one of its kind, so let me introduce an interesting game, not only requiring you to google something out, but also to think deeply about a proper trainer(now be a hero)!
It goes like this: A poster thinks up a battle combination for both virtual challengers, that means all 4 Pokemon, as double battles are more challenging to analyze. Then he posts it and the second one has to analyze the battle situation, assuming that the Pokemon are all at level 100 and know whichever NATURAL moveset(no TM/HM) you choose. Describe how could the battle flow, don't favour any side, give it all you've got! You can also give comments on other people's analysis...just keep the thread clean of uncertainties! Let me give you an example case :
1. Poster
1. Glalie, Alakazam
2. Absol, Magmar

2. Poster
Analysis: The order of Pokemon:
1. Alakazam will use Psychic, on Magmar as Absol is immune
2. Magmar will use Fire Blast on Glalie, making it Alakazam can't stand against Absol alone, trainer 2 wins!
So that's how it goes!
Here comes the first one for you:
1. Raichu, Abomasnow
2. Sneasel, Quagsire

ポケットモンスター RULEZ!!!
Gotta experience 'em all!
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