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Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
No sextuple battles, but there is one change I would like to see: Speed being the chance of going first, instead of 400 speed always going before 399 speed.
While an interesting idea...and I've been thinking that speed is too straghtforward like it is now.... this would just make it more luck based.
I mean you could predict even less things properly, because you cant even be sure the next move will go like you want.
I think it would feel similar to changes like criticals becoming more common and accuracies of all moves going below 70%.... no one would want that

Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
Panpour/Pansear/Pansage pre-evo (only one of them, similar to Hitmons)
Audino evo (to make grinding harder)
If the upcoming generation turns out to indeed be a "Johto"-expansion of Unova (they perhaps had worked on the designs of while making BW already probably), I am 100% sure both of those will be done. Audino being the new Chansey is self-explanatory, but as far as the elemental monkeys go... I realized they are the Pikachu of Unova. Not as the "cute electric rodent ala Plusle/Pachirisu" role (since Emolga is there for that), but as the first elementally interesting and special pokemon that can be described as the "wannabe starter". Except they had the ingenious thought of making three, to be all starter types instead of Electric. So A baby-monkey is IMO inevitable, more than any other pre-evo ever.

Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
Pinsir evo (Bug/Dark)
Whoa. I'm surprised that I'm surprised.
After all those years of reassuring myself that Pinsir will never evolve, as even though it was left behind by Scyther, it gained a more similar counterpart in Heracross, which unfortunately is superior because of its Fighting type....which is the only type I really contemplated it might gain.
But how the heck did I not see this obvious choice. Dark is the "other" fancy type of the chart...and Pinsirs pincers scream Dark type.
Sadly though it hasnt happened in 4 gens, so I wouldnt bet on it at all. Poor Pinsir

Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
Alternate Surskit evo (Water/Bug)
I think you'll have better chances hoping for a new line that uses this combo, as Surskit gaining an alt. evo would be like the most random thing ever.

Originally Posted by bwburke94 View Post
Alternate Deino evo (pure Dragon)
Evo of alternate Deino evo (Dragon/Normal)
Deino, wouldn't just have to lose its prominent Dark type (which only happened for Bellossom out of 649 pokemon), but it doesnt even start out as a primary Dragon .-.