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Damon started to introduce someone as an asset, after an almost funny out-of-character shout at the microphone. From the word alone, it was obvious whom he was talking about. Caedmon Yeonart, still dressed in his armor and still as expressionless as ever, took the stage, to boos and hisses across the convention center. Some contemplated that he would launch a surprise attack. He talked about fearing that he would be killed, but that was dispelled by a Mechanist yelling, “Go back to your Council City, murderer!”

Alice remembered only about a week ago, when she was called out just the same.

"Why the hell do you attack us for using human technology?" He was rebellious, outspoken, twenty years old, and worst of all (for him): he came alone.

She didn't answer. She just had the same silent expression on her face that Caedmon always had. Psycho Cut.

"Do you even know?!"

Still no answer. She knew, sort of; it was just, at the time, she didn't think they were even worthy of a reply. Megahorn.

"You're just like the Council... just another heartless killer that does whatever they say...." He lost consciousness, presumably from the loss of blood.

"It's my job."

Next thing she knew, she saw a tomato against the former commander's face. A crying mother, and with a good aim for a Togetic's arms, too. Yet, he stood there and waited out the abuse as he explained his new stance on the conflict. This is what Alice admired her commanders for; they could take anything, even verbal and physical abuse without breaking. Then he showed a visible and audible guilt, a depression towards the Togetic when he apologized, although his face never changed. It was in the lips that just barely quivered while he spoke, the solemn expression in his eyes.

Between the time Caedmon's eyes met with Alice's and rocks started getting mixed in with the thrown foodstuff, the latter realized that her own views were changing from the past couple days, too. Being immersed in their culture and hectic activities affected her more than a decade of intensive library study could have. This wasn't just figuring out how to work their machines for the Council's advantage, this was exploration, and her opinions were affected, too. While she tried to pass this off as just being around them too long, the thoughts were pushing on her too much to ignore. When Caedmon finally left the stage for Malruth to return, Ken gently nudged the Absol back to her senses.

"You okay there?"

"Oh, yeah."

"He looked at you like he knew you."

"I guess you could say I've met him before." Hopefully they'd meet again soon, on better conditions than this. For an Absol, it was odd that she had plenty to talk with him about. Meanwhile, Ken was trying to understand what Alice meant.

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