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Alright, I'll sign you up. In answer to Luigi-san, Headbutt is fine, but surfing and fishing rods are only to be used in case you need a surfer (as per in the notes section, and even then not beyond good rod). Dual Slot mode is sadly forbidden. How can you get to know the pokemon of the region if your using pokemon from somewhere else lol. (rules updated to include this statement).

Btw, just finished the run myself (as well as my black nuzlocke run lol). Final team was as follows:
Reptar (Charizard) :LV 52
Mufasa (Nidoking) : LV 53
Mariposa (Butterfree) :LV 51
Laserbeak (Pidgeot) :LV 49
Rattrap (Raticate) : LV 49
Porkins (Primeape) : LV 49

Good luck to all (I may carry on and do the run again in HG or which ever comes first).
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