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For the sake of laziness, I'll c/p from the thread I made that redirected me here :p

So, I work in a bulk candy store. The one with the bins where you get a bag and fill up with whatever candy you want. I get one customer, I'd guess she was early 20s (with the attitude of a 12 year old) with her little sister. They had a $5 budget, and of course they fill their bag up with like $11 worth of candy.

I tell her, "That's fine, we'll sort this candy out later and you can fill a new bag; we've got scales at the register for you to check the weight and price."

So, she's all "Oh I don't want that. Take out a little bit of each candy."

She has five different kinds of (very similar looking) candy, and the line's building up. "Ma'am, you can just start a new bag."

She tells me again (more like she commands me) that she wants that bag and tells me to take a little bit of each candy out. After she promptly reaches inside the second bag with her bare hands to pull out a candy necklace (which I had to throw away).

So I get the gloves and start returning the candy (half of it was sour, so now the non-sour candy has the little sour powder crystals on it) and get back to the register, and it's $8 now. She screams at her little sister to get money from their dad who's in a different store, so I have to stand there with this hugely inconsiderate wench while my manager at the register next to me is flying through the customers trying to get the line down.

Long story short, I hate people who don't treat retail workers like people and expect us to be their slaves just because we're getting paid.