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So I need some help creating my Sandstorm team. I have a general Idea of what I want it to look like, but need help with EVs, Natures, Hold items, and movesets, as well as critique on my composition and roles. (Yeah, I'm a noob.)
So, here goes.

Tyranitar as my lead to initiate sandstorm, ofc. I'm thinking Sp. wall.
Landorus as my sweeper. I think I want to run gravity, but also clueless on this.

Here's where the uncertainty begins.
Scizor as an offensive. Good to deal with those pesky ice types and a nice all around offensive OR Terrakion
Quagsire as a nice water-type to give me some variety, defense, and great typing
Gliscor as a nice physical wall and to break stall
and I need a good Sp Atk Sweep.