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Second update. woo!

~Talked to old man who taught me how to catch a pokemon lololol
~Route 2: Encountered with L5 Pidgey, caught! Named it Olli
~Returned to Viridian City to heal Mac and Olli
~First trainer battle with Bug Catcher @ Viridian Forest
~Mac is now level 8! He is poisoned!
~Did not have any potions or antidotes, so had to rush back to Viridian to the Pokemon Center. Mac survived!
~Re-entered Viridian Forest
~Trainer battle with another Bug Catcher w/ 2 Caterpies
~Olli is now level 8!
~Mac is now level 9!

Current Team

Pidgey [Olli] - Level 8
~Sand Attack

Charmander [Mac] - Level 9