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Originally Posted by cheezyboom101 View Post
Hey everyone, so I got this Larvitar from the Dream World that I would like to train. Here's some info about him:

Nature: Quiet
Level: 10
Current EVs: none
Moves: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Screech
Ability: Sand Veil
IVs: HP-30, ATK-17, DEF-5, SP.ATK-25, SP.DEF-14, SPD-31

So, my questions are:
What EVs should I train him in?
What moves should he learn?

Thanks for all the help in advance.
Although sandstorm is always the superior option due to the special defense boost, tyranitar can work with or without it. You have yourself a perfect tyranitar to run what's called tyranaboah, and he goes something like this:

Quiet @ leftovers
252hp/60atk/176sp atk/20spe
-focus punch
-fire blast

Of course using this set in battle actually takes some prediction but can punch holes into teams, especially If they rely on stall.

Finally back from a break, ready and willing to battle anytime just VM me when I'm on!

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