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Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
But not all baby Pokemon come from the same Egg Group, I don't think. I think it could go as its own challenge, however it's a bit restrictive and a lot of people are gonna have similar teams which is always kinda meh. Diversity is good you know. There was also a challenge where the challenger gave away 6 random eggs and she had a theme for each team. I got the team that was all baby Pokemon actually, lol. Using babies SUCKS.
Right, but like I said, a good 2/3 of them come from one of two egg groups. And yeah, having only like 18 to choose from is quite a bit restrictive.
Originally Posted by 11wildy View Post
OMGOSH EVENT, WHEN WHEN WHEN. And, more important, can I monotype it? :3
GTX is uhhhhh the 24th? Whenever the banner on the homepage says it is. I'm assuming the challenge event will need to run the whole time, as it does take people a little longer to run through a challenge than to uhhhhhh play a round of iSketch. And yeah, I guess you could monotype it, if you really wanted to.
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