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Giradialkia deleted the links because he and Dr. Fuji are upset I "insulted" Fireworks merely by making an NPC with the name "Fireworks" who brags about how awesome a hacker he is, when in reality he is not so good.

I had asked Gira to make a post informing all of you of the deleted links, so you would be aware I didn't remove them out of the blue, but his lack of a reply seems to indicate he just wants my masterpiece to fail. Nonetheless, I'll be uploading a fixed version without the character "Fireworks".

As for future updates, I dunno. I really want to start doing real, 3D enviroment games. I think Zelda OOT is cool, so I'm going to try to passively learn that; there's not really any tools for it besides Utility of Time (and I dunno how it handles event/script editing), so we'll see how it goes.
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