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Originally Posted by EntwinedSilence View Post
Hhahah, I know. I was born in October, when I was supposed to be born in January. Hardcore. Anyhoo yeah, I would've been Eridan, but not that Terezi isn't awesome in my opinion.
Ah, I see, right, that makes much more sense now :D
Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
The game is so close to 1 million dollars! Makes me wonder what the game will be like. wonder if it will have canon characters
And we have officially beaten that by... $78,817 from when I'm seeing it now. So far it seems we have Mac support, Linux support, and the "EFIGS" languages (English/French/Italian/German/Spanish).

As for what will be in it... as it's a "spin-off", my first thought is actually a "regular" SBURB session. Though of course, that's only speculation.

And for the updates; it seems John has "realised" that Con Air ****ING SUCKS!!!
Looks like his character will have grown quite a bit over the year... Though how, we shall see.
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