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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
I myself am for abortion, but not the kind of commercial abortion happening today, where mothers have abortions just like that because they don't want a baby. Why have unprotected intercourse if you didn't? I am for it mostly because of rape victims and of the sort that become pregnant. Or, in some cases, teenage mothers. Although I think teens are just idiots to become pregnant already. But I think you get the point.
That part I bolded there, there's something I have to say about it. People can still get pregnant even if they are using protection. Even really effective protection sometimes fails, or the person using it doesn't use it properly. Someone may well think that they are doing everything they can to not become pregnant and still get pregnant by accident.

As for teens, they're also going to have the same problems of not using protection properly, especially if no one taught them how, or worse if someone taught them something that isn't true.

Basically, pregnancy doesn't just happen because people throw caution to the wind. Responsible people who do whatever they know to do in order to keep from getting pregnant can still get pregnant. I'm sorry to throw the discussion off so much, but I felt this was important enough to say.

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