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Originally Posted by FrostPheonix View Post
And what do you mean quantify suffering?
By that I mean I don't much care to debate at which point exactly a group of cells officially becomes a person because I am not an absolutist. What I do think is important to give ascent to is the amount of pain that can occur to both the mother and the zygote (if it has reached the stage of developing a nervous system) during abortion, and whether one can outweigh the other. Also, it should be considered whether the pain of abortion is at all comparable to the potential suffering of letting the foetus grow to full term and be born.

Here, the state of the parents ought to be scrutinised. Of course, this is where my reasoning is halted - to measure pain is incredibly difficult (impossible, when it comes to potentiality) and details are disputed.

...Prolife logic? Prolife is a group of people believing in something, not a cult...
I think you know that is not at all what I said or meant (and to my knowledge, a cult does believe in something).

And I am not sure what you mean with this rule. What rule and how did you apply it?
Pro-life people suggest that every human reproductive cell is a potential person - a person who should be, by law, given the chance to life. They also think that not granting this chance is murder. Indeed, an actual person should be given the chance to life, but Pro-lifers choose to give microscopic cells the status of "person", which only ties them in knots of bad logic. We are, by that warped way of thinking, killing potential people since we are not all constantly copulating to give every single one of our reproductive cells a chance to experience life as we know it.

"As the Medawars were entirely right to point out, the logical conclusion to the 'human potential' argument is that we potentially deprive a human soul of the gift of existence every time we fail to seize any opportunity for sexual intercourse. Every refusal of any offer of copulation by a fertile individual is, by this dopey 'pro-life' logic, tantamount to the murder of a potential child! Even resisting rape could be represented as murdering a potential baby (and, by the way, there are plenty of 'pro-life' campaigners who would deny abortion even to women who have been brutally raped)." - Richard Dawkins