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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
This is my attempt at balancing it a bit. Ive changed it a few times over years.

Initially I didn't wanna make Water weak to poison because, well you can find a reason to make anything weak to poison, and because a Water pokemon is not made of water or even has to live in it, but merely specialized in Water based attacks.
So I kept the Poison reasoning to technique types...and noticed Dark, the only type besides Normal that doesn't have a real elemental ability or strength, it just plays unfair and uses dirty tricks. And faking a strong immune system wont make health issues go away.

But thinking about it again, and how everyone always first thinks of Water as something that should watch out for Poison attacks, maybe that'd make sense after all, and Water is defensively doing great anyways, so bringing it closer to Grass' "league" would be fine.
I checked out your chart. I think making Normal weak to Poison is an interesting fix, as normal creatures are typically easier to kill off by poison. Dark, however, doesn't make as much sense to me. While it's true that Dark attacks tend to be sneaky in their purpose, I don't believe the Dark-type itself is sneakiness incarnate. I always saw it more in relation to shadows. For instance, I've always thought the reason Fighting was good against Dark was because of "shadowboxing". And Psychic being weak to Dark was because of fear of the dark (same with fear of bugs and ghosts).

Grass taking neutral damage from Flying would be a good change, I think. While I understand that the reason behind it is that birds eat seeds and bore holes in trees, on the other hand wind doesn't kill plants (although strong winds can fell trees). In fact, plants need air to survive, and even create air of their own, so their relationship should make it neutral. As for Steel, I don't think Electric needs to be strong against it; while metal conducts electricity, electricity also powers machinery. Also, Electric doesn't need the weakness to Grass, because you can't kill a lightning bolt with a tree; if anything, the tree will start on fire, so the neutrality to grass attacks makes sense to me. =P That, and Ground attacks are still common enough that Electric-types need to be wary of them. I think Electric is pretty balanced as is, with strength against two types, resistance to three, resistance against three, and is completely stopped by Ground-types.

Giving Ice resistance to Ground is genius, though. Only two types can resist Ground attacks, but both of them are uncommon types. This is a great way of making Ice Pokemon better defensively. Makes sense in reality, too, as the ground gets covered by ice.

Also, Rock does need resistance to Rock; dunno why they haven't done that.

Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
Poison while walking being removed is good, because now it makes perfect sense that pokemon are in a "frozen" state while inside pokeballs, since nothing else ever seems to affect them and they dont recover or anything.
While you make a good point, I still feel like that was taking away an established RPG element: poison affecting your party members with every step. Also, it removes some of the challenge from the story mode.

Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
Not sure about buffing regular poison that way. Turning it into a special will-o-wisp would be overpowered. Although Id love to see a status effect do that, its likely better if its a new one.
Bad poison is just a stronger version of poison, as Toxic spike layers prove.
What I would do instead is perhaps make it lower Sp.Defense? Either way Id apply that to bad poison too then obviously. Would still make regular poison better.
Also, I would make it so that poisoning a poisoned pokemon changes it to badly poisoned.
That's genius. I love that idea. It would certainly differentiate poison more from burn, and so basic poison attacks would be used more often in battle.
Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
Frozen status comes to mind... lowered physical defense comes to mind. lol
There needs to be a Hypnosis like move for freezing.
The only problem with that is that freezing works differently from sleep; while sleep has a set random amount of turns before it wears off, freezing always has a 20% chance of wearing off every turn; you could be really unlucky and never thaw out, which is why freeze is a much rarer condition to inflict than sleep.
Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
Wonderng what new status effect could be the special equivalent of burn... if possible a type that lacks such moves.
Good question. First, it would have to be something equivalent to silencing in Final Fantasy, though not necessarily called "silence"; they're not casting spells, after all. =P Hmmm... maybe it could be something equivalent to paralysis, but only when you're trying to use special attacks. Maybe "unstable" condition? The only thing that makes sense to me, since your Pokemon is trying to call up elemental powers, so I would assume that would require some balance of energy in its body. Like, say you're trying to use Thunderbolt, but there's a chance that you'll be too unstable to use it. Instead of being permanent like paralysis, though, it would wear off like confusion.

But which type should specialize in instability? Fire has burn, Ice has freeze, Electric has paralysis, Poison... well, that's just obvious, Normal (sort of) has sleep, Psychic and Ghost have confusion... good question, indeed.
Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
They've tried keeping evolution methods consistent, by never using an old item to give an old pokemon a new evolution. Otherwise Eevee would have evolved by stone everytime, and every trade+item evo could simply be a trade evo, among other cases, all the way to breeding incenses....
Although Lickitung could learn Rollout and Piloswine could learn AncientPower before Gen IV, so in reality there's nothing stopping GameFreak from making a Pokemon evolve in a way that normally wouldn't have worked in past gens. They could easily just write it off as a new discovery; maybe the Pokemon isn't capable of evolving a certain way until sometime in the future.