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Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
I checked out your chart. I think making Normal weak to Poison is an interesting fix, as normal creatures are typically easier to kill off by poison. Dark, however, doesn't make as much sense to me. While it's true that Dark attacks tend to be sneaky in their purpose, I don't believe the Dark-type itself is sneakiness incarnate. I always saw it more in relation to shadows. For instance, I've always thought the reason Fighting was good against Dark was because of "shadowboxing". And Psychic being weak to Dark was because of fear of the dark (same with fear of bugs and ghosts).
Actually Ghost is much more related to elemental darkness and shadows. Dark is what I call a technique type, like Fighting and Poison.
Just look at the moves. It got everything from the whole party joining for a Beat Up, moves like Thief and Snatch, Taunt and Torment, Sucker Punch, or simply the casual unfair Bite. I could go on and list them all, Punishment, Foul Play, Payback, Fake Tears...and only be left with less than a handful.
Its mean sneaky cheating unfair dishonest way of battling.

The pokemon say a lot too. you got a mafia boss crow, a gangster lizard, a fox that tricks you, a hellhound, hyena, shark, and tengu the wind demon.

But if you need undisputable proof, you just need to check what the Dark type is actually called in the japanese games. A direct translation would be the Evil type.

Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
Grass taking neutral damage from Flying would be a good change, I think. While I understand that the reason behind it is that birds eat seeds and bore holes in trees, on the other hand wind doesn't kill plants (although strong winds can fell trees). In fact, plants need air to survive, and even create air of their own, so their relationship should make it neutral. As for Steel, I don't think Electric needs to be strong against it; while metal conducts electricity, electricity also powers machinery. Also, Electric doesn't need the weakness to Grass, because you can't kill a lightning bolt with a tree; if anything, the tree will start on fire, so the neutrality to grass attacks makes sense to me. =P That, and Ground attacks are still common enough that Electric-types need to be wary of them. I think Electric is pretty balanced as is, with strength against two types, resistance to three, resistance against three, and is completely stopped by Ground-types.
Well I thought, Water is conductive, metal is... and Steel is so very superior defensively that it could use any nerf you can find. If there was some pokemon where it specifically didnt make sense, ala Faraday cage effect, they could perfectly fix that with an anti-Electric equivalent of Levitate.

Grass on Electric was the toughest one and I still feel itchy about actually putting it up.
Just Grass needs any help it can get (its so bad on both sides compared to the other starter types), and it already had a resistance to Electric for some reason, right? So I simply built on that XD...

I went through the pokemon to see what itd affect and figured it would probably be a good adjustment, so I added Poison as a weakness of Water. There are barely any that would gain quad weaknesses because of it (Ludicolo, and Dark guys like Sharpedo if all these changes applied, and lol Bibarel).. Ive considered current pokemon for everything I put on that chart btw. The Grass>Electric one is not really bad. It just gives Lanturn a Swampert-esque weakness lol.
The interesting changes are from Electric>Steel, where it makes Skarmory and Empoleon quad weak, but just general things like Bronzong having a second weakness is something welcome.

Oh and another one you mentioned, Ice being resistant to Water. I had that on for quite some time, but decided that Ground and Dragon are crucial enough, while this is a pointless nerf to Water who isnt the best offensive type or anything.