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Kiara Wilson

Kiara smiled panting slightly as she finally stopped dodging, sending back, and getting hit by the Hydro Pumps Alisha was now sending her way. "Alright Ali, that's good for right now" she said and with a wave of her hand the water was drawn off her hair and clothes leaving her standing completely dry. "How's I do?"

"You did great Ki, but why stop now?" Alisha asked sitting down in a spot on the shade.

Kiara smiled "I'm gonna hold a short training session for anyone who wants it, then we're gonna visit Aetolos, by that point it will probably be around lunchtime, and I heard Mr. D mention a capture the flag game after Lunch today" Kiara said as she heard footsteps and turned around to see her brother Matt, the newest member in her cabin and she smiled warmly. "Hey Matt, here for a bit of training?"

The boy nodded his black hair curly on the top of his head blowing slightly in the wind as he stared at her with ocean blue eyes. "yeah, since me and Felix haven't been here to long yet, we wanted to get a bit of training done" he replied.

Kiara nodded pulling out two training swords from the sword racks, she held one in her hand, though she did end up putting the scabbard with Riptide in it around her waist. The other training sword she handed to Matt. "Alright Matt, we'll wait for anyone else to show up, but how are you liking Camp Half-Blood so far?" she asked.

Matt smiled sitting on the ground. "This place is great, I really love it"

Kiara smiled back sitting next to him. "That's great Matt, are you planning on returning home at the end of the summer?"

The boy nodded, "yeah, I'll see how this school year goes, though if it's bad I might stay next year, are you?"

Kiara shook her head showing him her necklace with the camp beads on it, there were nine of them. "see Matt, I've been here for nine years, I was brought her because of danger when I was nine, and I've just never returned home, though I have written letters to my mother, stepfather, and step-siblings" she added looking up at the clouds after Matt nodded and the two sat in silence waiting.

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