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Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...)
I really have to say, I like the font choice that Mangastream uses for the really heavy dialogues; I imagine Yamamoto's really gruff heavy voice and it just really adds to Kubo's more... menacing drawings of the characters.
Yeah, that is a really nice little touch they put on it.
It really helps you to feel the emotions more.

Manga 507
Here's my basic reaction to Yamamoto's bankai.

It's neat to see how the Head Captain's bankai is effecting the environment.
But I have a feeling this effect will be shown in greater detail later.

"But no zanpakuto exists where tha shikai and bankai hold different powers..."
Pfft, yeah right. There are quite a few zanpakuto like that. *rolls eyes*

I don't quite understand the "west" ability of Yamamoto's bankai, Zanji-tsugoki.
Is it like a cloak of flames that he uses as armor?
And why could anyone else see it initially?