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OMGOSH EVENT, WHEN WHEN WHEN. And, more important, can I monotype it? :3
Not...really hahaha. You could try, but...well, we'll just say it won't always be monotype. Till the end. Maybe. Meow!

And ummm not really understanding this rare Pokemon challenge, lol. But honestly, after spending hours searching for Riolu and Eevee in Black 2, I don't think I ever want to torture myself by searching for Pokemon with 5% encounter rate ever again. So if the point of the challenge is to find the least common Pokemon on the route, that's more tedious than challenging. idk how catching the first thing you find on the route is a challenge though? There are some challenges that have you do that, but that doesn't make sense to call it a rare Pokemon challenge. Umm...I'm tired so maybe I'm misunderstanding things hahaha. GOOD NIGHT!!
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