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Eli awoke promptly at seven, as usual. He completed his morning routine like clockwork. He dressed in his typical attire. He treated the day like any other, even though he knew that from today on, his life would be different. Ambella Coal, the local professor, had hand picked six teenagers to go on a journey and accomplish a special mission. Eli just so happened to be one of them.

His family greeted him with smiles. They had all gotten up early to have breakfast with him. It was quite a lively spectacle. His aunt nearly tripped over and spilled the eggs. His uncle playfully teased her along with everyone else. Isabelle giggled at her uncle's jokes. His father swigged his coffee heartily. Dot sat happily on his shoulder. It was quite a rare occasion to have all of them sitting down for breakfast like this, and Eli enjoyed every minute of it.

The moment couldn't last forever, as Eli had to meet with the professor, but everybody saw him off. He was going to miss his family, but knew they could still keep in touch over the phone. After a tearful goodbye, at least for his aunt, he waved farewell to his family. With Dot on one shoulder and his satchel on the other, he made his way over to the island's laboratory.

It didn't take long before he arrived in front of the building. He noticed the professor, but no one else was around. Since he was the first to arrive, but didn't feel like striking up a conversation with the professor, he decided to just wait quietly, entertaining himself by playing with Dot. He didn't know who the others were, but apparently two girls from Isabelle's class were chosen as well. He hoped they were nice, respectable girls. The last thing he wanted was his sister to be around any bad influences.